Many hats, One Head

As a bartender, financial sales consultant, pharmaceutical sales rep, yoga teacher, and delivering Postmates on her motorcycle in NYC, Vanessa Morales has interacted with all sorts of characters. Since becoming a full-time actor in 2010, her credits include Manifest, Gotham, several National Commercials, voice-overs, and if you listen closely you can hear her voice in the background of many films like Triple Frontier, The Photograph, Nine Days, and lots of other fun ADR jobs. Vanessa Morales is SAG-AFTRA's National Latino Committee Vice-Chair. Together with the Committee, she advocates for greater Latino representation in Hollywood. Vanessa is a Colombiana-Americana born in New York City, New York. She grew up in a Spanish-speaking household, and learned to speak English with the help of Sesame Street and (pre)school. Vanessa studied acting at NYU and the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School in New York City. Comedy and improv are her loves. She's also an advocate for working mothers in the entertainment industry and the protection & safety of all child performers. ACTOR. ADVOCATE. SUPERHERO (MOM).

I am what I am...

Painfully human.

Fluent in English & Spanish.

Cry  & Dream in Spanish.

Mets > Yankees



Just watch and see.

Yes, that was my Harl!
I used to ride around NYC for about 10yrs. Had to sell it once I had my daughter. I will get one again sometime in the near future.
This is a still from Nyala and my audition for Manifest. We booked it.
Doing yoga on the beach in Santa Marta, Colombia. And no that is not a mustache! There was a boat or jet ski behind my head. 😆
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